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“¡Quién diría que las manchas viven y ayudan a vivir? Tinta, sangre, olor... ¿Qué haría yo sin lo absurdo y lo fugaz?”

Frida Kahlo 

"... the work of Alberto Escobar is Classical as it is Baroque. In both movements we see the sensuality of the lines, the insinuation, the flourishes and the pretension in the ornament that impresses, captivates, traps.
A sense of magnificence that is able to crush common souls and sublimate those enlightened souls. It is classic when it approaches the erotic nude as artistic, a direct cult to the human body in perfection and allegory of the fantastic..." 

Diego Ventura Puac-Coyoy
Ciudad de Guatemala

Septiembre 2014

Tropical Mosaic

Oil on Canvas 2017

Regional Mithology  of Central America

Oil on canvas 2015

El Vasto Valle de Jiboa

Oil on canvas 2016

Laguna Cuzcachapa

Oil on Canvas 2012

Final Vission

Watercolor over paper 2011

Joseph effigiem

Oil on MDF 2013

Mi Renacimiento

Acrylic on canvas 2011

A way of life

Acrylic on Canvas 2013

Leyendas de Centroamerica

Oil on Canvas 2012

La Evolucion del Artista

Oil on Canvas 2012


Caresse sur l'océan Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cms 2016

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